{AUCTION} DIAMOND PICKAXE (Fortune III, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III)

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  1. Description: Diamond Pickaxe [Fortune III, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III]

    Condition: Brand New / Never Used

    Starting Bid: 7000r

    Bid Increments Accepted: Please bid in increments of 100 rupees only

    Auction End: Auction will end 24 hours after the last poster has placed a bid with no bids after it, or no bids have been posted after 48 hours.

  2. Darn, if i had enough rupees i would totally buy that pickaxe...
    What lvl enchantment is it?
  3. ah... there is an image posted of the pick....;)
  4. how about a stack of diamonds?
  5. Thats worth 3,000. Im still offering 7,000 and since this is an auction i will be dissapointed if it is sold to someone who bids lower.
  6. lol, dude a fortune III by itself is worth more than 3k, look around at some of the other auctions... i sold a fortune III unbreaking III for 5k yesterday, and that was LOW and didnt have eff IV on it!

    If its high, why did you bid 7k? Trying to scare off other bidders I think? Fortune III can get much higher than 7k, thats a LOW price to let it go for.

    POTENTIAL BIDDERS: do your own research, you'll see what this pick is worth. You can use this pick to mine diamonds and get %120 more diamonds out of ore blocks, which pays for itself. Being diamond and having unbreaking, this thing will last forever!
  7. No trades, rupees only :)
  8. im offering 7k because im the first bidder. i also dont have much to bid
  9. I believe he was talking to the gentleman who was offering the diamonds ;)
  10. AH, you may be correct sir! Thanks for pointing that out!
    Just in case someone else misunderstood that, I wanted to clarify that this pick is worth WELL over 3k!
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  11. drogba921 holding the top bid at 8,ooo rupees! Any other bids or is drogba gonna sneak away with a bargain deal!
  12. Heh, auctions are fun.

  13. oh boy, in sweeps rob for the kill... you're in trouble now drob!;)
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  14. Rob, in just under 2 hours, the pick will be yours and you are free to throw it in lava!;)
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