Auction: Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III

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  1. Unused diamond pickaxe with Efficiency V, Unbreaking III and Fortune III

    Efficiency V - digs 50% faster, that is 2.5 seconds to mine obsidian.
    Unbreaking III - Pickaxe would last at least 4 times longer (~6000 uses)
    Fortune III - gives you 120% of getting more ores, you can get if very lucky 3 diamonds from a single ore, i.e. 24 from an 8 diamond ore.

    Starting price: 3500
    Increments: 200
    Buy-out price: 22k
    auction will end after 24 hours since last bid, I will set up a chest for the winner at my SMP4 lot.
  2. c'mon guys bid more
  3. Didn't win the dragon egg I wanted, so I'll go for this one! :)
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  4. o nooo.... 10k
  5. 10k, can we go higher? :)
  6. SO epic!!!!!!!
  7. wat???? i dont get this... r u bidding 10k??? because i already bid 10k
  8. Wait no screw myself... sorry u r the guy who posted this! :p
  9. lol, how can I buy from myself
  10. umm that would be 10k sir, thank you very much sir!