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  1. * MINIMUM BID : 1500 rupees
    * Bidding will end 12 hours after the last bid.
    * You must collect the item from my lot - SMP2, 4342 - a chest will be set up for you.
    * Can ONLY be collected once payment has been received.
    * Payment must be using /rupees pay nnnnmc1 ####
    I will check it in the rupees history. After payment is received chest with winner access will be set up at the residence stated above.

    * Non payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions.
    * Bid increments must be by at least 100r.
    * Rupees only!

    * * * Buy-out 5000 r
  2. Auction closing in 24 hrs if no one bid.
  3. 1500
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  4. Yay! first bidder :D
  5. I lost one of this at 5k so my bid it's 3k
    As said on other thread, YAY to enchanted picks :)
  6. 8 hours left.
    current highest bid : 3000
  7. well, i can't go higher than 3k, but i love this pickaxe, it seems such an epic thing to have 4 times laster and 4 times stronger pickaxe with you :p
  8. it's 4 times laster and 1.4 times stronger (Eff plus 10% speed each level) ;) :p
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  9. Oh I forgot to check this. ok it's been a lot more than 12 hours since last bid.
    Copherfield win! congrats
  10. I will login and pay in 8 hours (I'm in bed right now) :p
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  11. lol. okay. I just get off from bed. still in PJs :D
  12. Ok. I got the rupees. Chest is set at my res @ 4342 smp2