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  1. * MINIMUM BID : 1000 r
    * Bidding will end 12 hours after the last bid.
    * You must collect the item from my lot - SMP2, 4342 - a chest will be set up for you.
    * Can ONLY be collected once payment has been received.
    * Non payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions.
    * Bid increments must be by at least 100r ( not 1r).
    * Rupees only!
  2. Current high bid : 1400
    Anyone else?
  3. current highest bid : 2300
  4. The site is back! Im not sure about the time since the server is down.
    What's your suggestion?
    Look like Aldrin is winning this pick.
    If no one argue this result due to website down time, I will let Aldrin win the pick.
    To argue the result please provide evidence of downtime and time left on his bid before server went off.
    Sorry for inconvenience. I'll check back 12 hours after this.

    As an apology everyone who participate in this auction will recieve 3 free diamonds.
    Come check at 4342 in 12 hrs (I will set chest for each of you tomorrow)
  5. Woot aNd 2400 if still open
  6. erm... i gotta know the time. dont wanna count the time the server went off into auction.
    As far as I know. my first encounter was wednesday morning GMT+7.00 (about 9.00 in the morning)
    He was suppose to win at 8.24 am but then i dont know if it down before that.
    (GMT +7.00 TIME)

    NOTE : about the free diamonds. only for previously participant. I dont give to new guy if he/she just come in saying "i want free diamonds".
    I'll check through the previous pages :)

    And your new bid is about 4 hours after the server recovered.
    Do if the server is down at 4am or later that day. aldrin win.
    if it was down earlier like 3am. i will accept new bid and reset timer.
  7. k also i was a bidder before that lol make sure to check the pages
  8. Okay. Diamonds chest is up for you guys @ 4342 smp2

    You got it too ;)
  9. I'll let this go on 1 more hours.
    It's confusing to get the downtime right.

    1 hours left
    And since there are still no reply from other bidders.
    current high bid : 2400 by Michael_Nolan
  10. come to same place :) and /rupees pay... blah blah :D
  11. Auction is over already.

    Come get it from same place. Same chest that you get the diamonds.