Auction: Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency 5, Fortune 3

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  1. - Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency 5, Forture 3


    - Starting at: 3500R
    - Minimum bid increment: 100R
    - Auction will end 12 hours after last bid
    - To collect, a chest will be set up at 8015 (SMP4)
    - Pickaxe is 100% unused
    - Accepting Rupees only
    - Non-payment will result in exclusion from further auctions

    Note: Due to my off-kilter schedule, I can not guarantee that I will be online the moment the auction ends. However, I can guarantee that the winner will receive notification as soon as the chest is available, after payment has been received, of course.

    Thanks for looking! (Double thanks to those bidding!)
  2. 4000 rupees, how much to get it this minute?
  3. It's the 5th of Feb ;P
  4. So: 12,6k