[AUCTION] Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3)

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  1. Description:
    DIAMOND Pickacxe (Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3)

    Brand new, never used

    Starting bid:
    2,000 rupees

    Minimum bid increments:
    100 rupees

    Auction end time:
    24 hours after the last bidder
  2. Picks like this go for about 1800.
  3. Sorry its my first auction and i changed the price to 2k
  4. 2k I guess...
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  5. Chaaralis has current bid at 2k, still lots of time left for this great pick
  6. Go Chaaralis!
  7. Muffincraft is currently in the lead with 2.5k!
  8. Darkruler is in the lead with 2.6k!
  9. Darkruler53 wins win 2.6k! A chest will be setup on my res smp4 8355!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.