Auction: Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency 4 Fortune 3

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  1. Unused, 4000r minimum bid. Auction ends 8 hrs after last bid (or as soon as i get back to my pc).

    Efficiency 4, fortune 3. Will create a chest on my lot on smp2, or deliver by hand if needed (lot 3764).

    I reserve the right to sell to end the auction at anytime if someone makes me an offer i can't refuse :)
  2. I'll open the bidding at 4345r :)
  3. oi, go enchant your own Andrew :p
    6k :)
  4. I have become overtaken by sloth.
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  5. Sorry for the late response. I will setup a chest on my lot in two hours (when I get home) for the item.
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  6. Darn. I bet 7k
  7. Where is this pickaxe?
  8. I set up a chest for it on my lot on SMP2 and I assumed you picked it up. I checked my rupees log, and it looks like someone else bought it. I didn't realize it would be that big of an issue or I would have put it in a room marked [Access] for you.

    I apologize. The next one I get I'll sell to you at the same price if you are still interested.
  9. Ehh.. If you will have any pickaxe with Fortune III write to me.