[ Auction ] diamond pickaxe eff iv fortune III unbreaking III

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  1. Hello i have a diamond pickaxe for auction unused diamondpickaxe with efficiency iv fortune III and unbreaking III

    Starting bid: 3000

    Minimum bid improvement: 500

    Bid ends in 24 hours

    When you win i will start a conversation to were we can sell the pickaxe at

    server you can do it on smp1 smp2 smp3 smp4 smp5 smp6 smp9 and utopia

    if bid winner goes over 11,000 he or she will also get a free unbreaking III unused
  2. kingrager takes the league of 3000
  3. biscuit boy takes the league at 5432
  4. ig bid doesnt go higer in the next hour the bid will be increased by 2000r
  5. u cant do that it is an auction, u cant bid up your own auction!
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  6. Eh?

    You offered an item for auction; biscuit made the highest bid before the closing time. What's the problem?
  7. i made my bid higher
  8. Read the rules.

    "The changing of any auction details after a bid has been made is strictly forbidden.

    The host is to stand by the rules of the auction no matter what. You are bound to selling the item of the final bid, even if you are unhappy with the final price, so make sure you start it at something you'd be happy with getting, assuming you only get one bid."
  9. You can't bid on your own auction. BiscuitBoy5396 wins the auction for 5432 and you have to sell it to him for that price. Please contact me if any issues come up with this transaction.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.