Auction: Diamond Pick with Silk Touch I

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Up for auction is:

    1 x Diamond Pick with Silk Touch I (Unused)

    * Minimum bid/reserver price: 6000
    * Minimum bid increment: 250
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you
    * Rupees only! Will not trade.

    Good luck and happy bidding.
  2. Can I buy it now for 3,000r and a stack of iron?
  3. He did say rupees only no trade.
  4. 8000 this auction started before the cease started
  5. that's cleared up, lets get back to bidding. Current Bid is at 8000!
  6. Looks like you win it EEJester. I'm on SMP4. I'll set up a chest once i recieve payment.
  7. Thanks mate! Come to SMP4 /v 9238 to collect.