Auction Diamond PIck With Efficiency III

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  1. (i have 1 and only 1)
    (it is completely unused no damage what so ever)

    voting will end 12 after the last bid
    • you must collect the item from my res-smp2, 3997- a chest will have your name on it
    • you can ONLY collect the item once you have payed
    • non payment or messing around will result in exclusion from other auctions. NO SERIOUSLY
    • there is a reserve price of (3000)- you will not get the item for 2r
    • bid increments must be by at least 150r (not 1r)
    • rupees ONLY!
    happy bidding
  2. awesome... i just sold a diamond pick with efficient III and unbreaking III for 1000r i can tell u ur not going to get 3000r ill bid 750 and thats a waste of my r
  3. I don't care
  4. ok ... good luck