Auction Diamond pick [Unbreaking 3, efficiency 3

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  1. Description: Diamond Pick [Efficiency 3,Unbreaking 3]

    Condition:Brand New/Never Used

    Starting Bid:500 Rupees

    Minimum BidIncrements:100 Rupees

    Auction End: 24 Hours After The Last bid

  2. I Hope i wrote this write :) If not plz tell me wats wrong
  3. Looks good to me ill start you off with 500
  4. :D
  5. I Am exited this is my 1st auction :D
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  6. 700r
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  7. Haha looks like you'll be having a great first auction :D
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  8. just a tip, Auctions normally end 12 or 24 hours after the most recent bid, it lets people have a chance to bid and gets the price higher, also, starting a bid at 500 for an Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 3 diamond pick isn't that good a price, it is easily worth about 2-3k minimum.
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  9. Sry if i reply late and u get it late whoever the winner is going to be sry
  10. well, looks like I win...
  11. Hmm yup ill send it to u later at smp 3 7397 its very late where i am sry
  12. Just let me know when so I know when to get online and pay you.
  13. Anyone Else gonna bid???
  14. Ehh looks like no one else is gonna bid come to 7397 smp3 if u wanna claim it
  15. This auctions done its looks like ....
  16. This auction has been over for some time. Charaalis won.
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