Auction: Diamond Pick - Silk Touch, Eff IV & unbreaking III

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  1. * Non payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    * There is a reserve price - you will not get the item for 2r
    * Bid increments must be by at least +1000
    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
    * All items are unused unless otherwise stated

    Reserve price is 10,000r
    Happy bidding : )
  2. Lets double the reserveprice for now.

  3. 30k
    Just threw mine into some lava due to lag from hell... as sad as I was, it's funny enough to laugh at too! :)
    Anyway, need a new one... best just let me win this one. :)
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  4. Give this auction 12 more hours. Once up PM me to negotiate a time to meet and where to meet.
  5. WOW... Seriously... I keep thinking we're seeing record breaking auctions and then the next day it happens all over again
  6. ...sigh...
    Have fun. I'll wait for the next one.
  7. Sure I can sort you out something over the weekend :)
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  8. Would be awesome... Pm me if u get one so I don't miss it. :)
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  9. i got a silk touch 1 :D
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  10. For sale? I'm looking for a silk touch and unbreaking 3 one... That's the one EMC lag stole from me tonight.
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  11. ah, you can buy the silk touch 1 though if you want :D
  12. I'll buy it 5000r
  13. The winner of this auction is Pthagaard!
  14. Ofc it is :p

    I told you yesterday! :D

    I'll be online later mate when ever you wake up.