[AUCTION] Diamond Pick Set, all unused!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Mrsmiley99, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Ok we have a Full diamond Pick set enchants include a:

    eff I
    eff II
    unbreaking I
    fortune III eff IV
    fortune III eff III
    fortune I eff II

    Starting bid is :
    Minimum Bid Incrememts :
    Will not trade for Any items
    Auction ends 36 hours after last bid.
    Happy bidding!
  2. guys, bump
    Sorry for the caps.
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  4. My thoughts exactly :I
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  5. but i need more bidders... :(
  6. Dont Do it again.
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  7. currently yankees is winning with 8k!
  8. 8.5k
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  9. I think he just said those ^ to bump it xD
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  10. yes!!! drogba i luv u!
  11. Wow, this is cool, but I do not got 8.6K...
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  12. u would need 8.7 :p
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