Auction: Diamond Pick - Fortune I

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  1. Diamond Pick: Fortune I
    Condition: New
    Seller: TheLoneXFactor - SMP3(6048)

    * Minimum Starting bid: 500r
    * Minimum bid increment: 100r

    * Buy It Now: 1500r

    * Auction ends 12hrs after last bid
    * Payment due within 12hrs of auction close
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you
    * Non-payment will result in exclusion from future auctions
    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
    * Buy It Now Rules
    - Item may be purchased at any time at my res
    - If someone opts to Buy It Now all bids are void
    - In the event Buy It Now occurs after payment and before I change the chest access, I will refund you.
    - Buy It Now option may be removed at any time by Seller
  2. Sorry dan
    I bought it
  3. waw crongrats - was at the chest and have waited for you ;)... but was afk at the time
  4. Haha I saw you standing next to it and thought that you had already bought it.
  5. Auction has ended. item has been purchased via Buy It Now option by Powerhouse118. Thank You for participating.