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  1. Auctioning Diamond pick efficiency 3
    Starting bid: 2,500r
    Increments: 100 (this means your bids can only be multiples of 100, like 3400, not like 9167)
    Condition: used ONCE (to break one block of cobble) (i wanted to try it out :p)
    I will not accept anything other than rupees (exept maybe dinosaurs, if u can find them) or anything outside the server.
    Bid ends after 24h of inactivity
    If the final bidder does not pay me 24h after i announce this bid as over the bid will continue with the 2nd-last bidder as the highest bid
    I will leave a chest outside my house, once i am paid, (and i will check if i am paid as frequently as possible) i will allow access to that chest.
    My res is 9167 on SMP4
  2. due to nobody actually bidding... this auction is off
  3. was to expensive