Auction: Diamond pick Efficiency 1 and Unbreaking two.

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  1. Might as well make a few more rupees. Its been used a little but not a lot.

    Bidding starts at 200R
    Bids must go up by at least 25R
    Bidding stops when I get home from school. (Around 3:20 where I am.. This is tomorrow, and if I dont have school tomorrow (Going to be -45. CANADA FTW!) It will end at 3:00.

  2. Sold to chaaralis! There will be a chest on my lot on SMP3, 7291.
  3. i was going for 550, never mind
  4. I'm sorry but when I get another pick, I might auction it!
  5. I have searched your res at 7291, and haven't found the chest...
  6. Oh right, its up those stairs. Trust me, it does have the enchantments.
  7. nice doing business with you, I'll keep an eye open for future auctions.