AUCTION: Diamond Pic - Silk touch I Efficiency IV

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  1. I think i'll hand this to Rutgerje as he bought it out and the minimum bid increasement is 200r. You cannot bit after someone has bidded the buyout price anyway. Please go to Smp4 lot 8076.
  2. i gett it i had the buy out firsht and he does only 100r more
  3. why do i need to go to 8076 ?
  4. skillzo isn't online
  5. Because this is the res you collect it from. However sk1llz0fapr0 isn't on atm, but i'll let you know when he is, most likely tomorrow. I'll get him to set up a chest.
  6. Sorry for prop elm I,ll sell to you tomorrow in English time, what time will you be on and what country do you live in?
  7. can't u go fast online and i am tommorow back from scool at 15:00 in the nederlands
  8. Lol anyway xD I would have done 16k for it in the end xD
  9. squizzel boy i have an other silk touch to u wanna buy it for 16 k ?
  10. What other enchantment are on it?
  11. unbreaking3
  12. Hm ok :) well only for 10k though