Auction - Diamond Ore - Starting from 100r-delivered to your res FOR FREE

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  1. Starting bid from 100r , delivered to your res*

    from wiki page

    Note to bidders, leave your res number, what smp , ING, and please leave a chest with my access for the delivery

    eg pateraterick ( 150r )
    4090, Smp2

    *delivery is free , to winners only, pick up is available on 4090
    offer last till monday 3pm au time

    Auction closed on monday 3pm au time
  2. no one bid ? it is so cheap :c
  3. ill buy it for 110r i am at 1350 smp1
  4. ill buy it for 200r I'm on smp2 3411
  5. Actually rodoet can have it, I updated sooo
  6. so do i get it for 100r? =)
  7. sorry i meant 110r
  8. after the auction- there is still 24 hours to go
  9. come on, only 2 bids
  10. 120
    I'll get it off you if I win.
  11. Actually Ill buy it for 180 rupees.
  12. 200 rupees
  13. Mrsmiley99 Sells them for over 500 -_-
  14. 210r xD Res #3938 Ign-Shimazudu
  15. auction ended shimazudu wins at 210r
  16. i don't have movement permission for ur res, sorry ,
  17. can u try and pick up the diamond ore ( at 4090 , Smp2 . ) there will be a room with the winner's access code OUTSIDE the shop
  18. Ok... Thanks Just checked it! :D
  19. I'll pay u when i see u thanks! :p