(AUCTION) Diamond Fortune 1 Efficiency 2

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  1. I have only used it on one block. All what it does is for example you get 1 diamond ore and you use the pickaxe it will give you more diamonds instead of 1 diamond.
    The bid will start at 1200 rupees. I live on smp6 and in 1 hour it will be over.
    This is a diamond pick.
    Here is an example of it:

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  2. BTW this is my second auction.
  3. Come on people start biding
  4. This bid is over
  5. That wasn't an hour.. not that I would have made a bid.
  6. Sorry, but it's worth more like 1000r
  7. Fortune is the best enchantment you can get bro
  8. But it's fortune I.
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  9. 1 hour huh ... that was 9 minutes
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