[AUCTION] Diamond Enchantment Pack! 9 Items!

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  1. Auctioned Items : All are Diamond!
    Armour : Helmet - Protection IV Resperation III
    Chestplate - Protection IV
    Leggings - Fire Protection IV
    Boots - Feather Falling IV
    Pick 1 - Unbreaking I
    Pick 2 - Efficiency I
    Pick 3 - Fortune II Unbreaking III Efficiency III

    Sharpness III Knockback II
    Flame I

    Condition : All Brand New!
    Minimum Bid increments: 1000r
    Starting Bid : 10000 (Its 10k because its insurance that ill at least get this. If I dont id rather keep it. Plz dont complain :) )
    Auction End: 48 Hours after Last Bid :)

  2. Quick! Sell your stuff before 1.2.6! :)
    Here - 10k to start you off!
  3. lol ty very much
  4. only a little while left!
  5. ? sell your stuff before 1.2.6? When does that come out?
  6. Not exactly sure soon i think
  7. Pab10S you win. 12000 ill be on smp6. thats where you can claim your prize..congrats
  8. 1.3! Lol
  9. I just paid you. Could you please set up a chest with access on your res for me? Thanks.
  10. A chest is at 12214 on smp6 with all your winnings. thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.