[Auction] Diamond enchaneted Sword/bow (brand new)[CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by IronicSwordPlay, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. This is a auction for one Sword and bow

    Bow: Power 4 Punch 1
    Diamond Sword: ??? tell u later

    Start bid: 1000r
    min bid icrease: 200r
    End time: 20hrs after this post
  2. Non-supporters may only hold one auction at a time.
    And its unlikely your allowed to auction mystery items.
  3. it wont be mstry just need to look wat it was troll and i will stop 3 otehr auctions
  4. and r u going to bid?
  5. First ever weapon auction

    u will be biding for one
    Diamond sword Smite 4 looting 3

    Start bid: 750r
    min bid increase: 50r
    End time: 12hrs after this post
    IronicSwordPlay :)

    added to auction
  6. This is my first proper auction so be nice plz

    You will be buying

    1x Set of Diamond Armour with thses enchants

    helmet: protection 4

    Chestplate: protection 4 thorn 2

    Trousers: projectlie protection 4

    boots: protection 4

    i will add any more enchants there are later
  7. To be fair, you should PM a mod to close your auctions and start all over because this is confusing me.
  8. You are in breach of 2 auction rules, to my knowledge (there may be more that I've overlooked).

    This one is something you should be aware of, but hasn't been breached in these auctions.
    Please do take the time to read through the Auction Rules and Guidlines - here - next time

    All but 1 of your current auctions (most likely the one with the most bids) will be locked.

    Also, unless you settle the current auction dispute that you're involved with, you will be blacklisted in approx. 24 hours from all auction forums. Please keep that in mind, both seller and buyers
  9. emr how do i do that and i aready know about it thx though
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.