AUCTION: Diamon pick with Fortune II Eff III Unbreaking III

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  1. Auction for a diamond pick with Fortune 2, Eff 3, and Unbreaking 3.

    -Starting price is: 5,000
    -Bid increments of: 100
    -But out price is 15,000
    -Buyer must pick up from my res (8017 on smp4) within 24hrs
    -Bidding will end within 24hrs of the last bid.
    -The pick is unused.

    Let the bidding begin!!!
  2. Lol did you read the first post?
  3. Lol no. my bad bob.
  4. Its ok, would you like to bid 5.1k?
  5. Uhh no I need to start saving so i can build me obsidian house. Its a good price though. whoever gets this just made a wise investment!
  6. Ill bid 6k
  7. I bid 5.5kr
  8. Darn....
  9. sorry 6k, just say its 6k, Im lagging
  10. 6k to ang 24 hours from this point it is his
  11. Only a few more hours!
  12. Sold to ang when can you pick it up ang?