Auction, dia-pick : Unbreaking lll, Fortune ll, Efficiency lll.

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  1. ~ Starting bid: 4000R ~
    ~ Minimum bid increment: 1ooR ~
    ~ Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid ~
    ~ I can set up a chest for you or bring it to your lot. (SMP3) ~

    ~ The pickaxe is 100% unused! ~
    ~ Accepting rupees only ~

    Here's a pic of it.
    (Sorry for not using default texture to ss)
  2. Updated, pick has been sold.
  3. By the way just an fyi if you say bidding will close 24 hours after last bid you really should wait 24 hours before closing the auction. I mean if i counted right and i know i did that was only 7 hours
  4. There are 2 reasons why I've ended it.
    1) DeadScopez12 offered my desired selling price of 14k
    2) I'm too lazy to wait;)
  5. I would have offered more (20k) than that. Not good news for you.