[AUCTION] DC of zombie virus!

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Is this a resonable starting bid and increase amount?

Yes, it is about right. 9 vote(s) 64.3%
No, the price is too high. 2 vote(s) 14.3%
No, I have seen starting bids for this item higher. 3 vote(s) 21.4%
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  1. Item: DC' of zombie Virus
    Starting bid: 1,000 rupees
    Minimum bid increase: 75 rupees
    Auction will end 24 hours after last valid bid.

    Happy bidding!
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  2. wow that was fast. Is my price too low then? or just right?
  3. i hate it when people do this when I'm bidding but... "bump"

    also samsmix, I have another DC of that HERE :)
  4. they arent really worth much since the second nerf
  5. I know right :p I was surprised I got a bid in 2 min.
  6. i feel bad doing this. "bump"
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  7. This auction will end in exactly 15 and a allf hours if there are no other bids.
  8. wait no, 16 and a half.
  9. Auction ending in 13 hours. :)
  10. 10 hours :)
  11. This Auction will be ending in exactly half an hour if there are no other bids :)
  12. OK, Golddigger221 has won this auction with a bid of 1075r. Please pay and I will PM you the pickup details :)
  13. I am paying now, sorry for the delay
  14. I paid, did you set up the chest?
  15. for some reason emails were disabled for this thread. I sent a pm a while ago :)
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