[Auction] DC of sugarcane

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by mysterymage, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi this auction is for a DC of sugarcane
    Starting bid is 500r
    U may bid 50r-1000r
    Auction ends 24hr after last bidder
    Pickup is at 10995 on smp5 ( it may take up to a day after u wins to get it)
    Happy bidding
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  2. When I say it will take up to a day it pry won't I put that just incase somthing happens.
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  3. If you are auctioning the same item as someone else please keep your fail grammar comments on your own post and not theirs. Good luck on your auction.
  4. Your grammar isnt actually the best, and shes a little right. Stay on your own auction if you have the same as someone else. Anyway, Ill start the bidding at 550r.
  5. 14Hr til jay2a wins
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  6. Well looks like u scout may win instead
  7. Lol may not, good luck everyone anyway
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  8. This is my only bid i don't care too much if I win or loose
  9. 10hr til scout wins
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  10. Looks like u may win scout5477 after all
  11. 7th til scout wins
  12. 2hr til jay2a wins
  13. 1hr til jay2a wins
  14. Well jay2a wins lol as soon as I get home from work about 1-3:00pm EST time I'll give u a access cheat with the sugarcane also when u spawn at my res and turn around and that's where the access cheat is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.