[AUCTION] DC of Stones!

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  1. hesitating smelting cobble stones? maybe this can help a bit :D

    Item: 1 Double chest of Stones
    Starting Bid: 100 r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50 r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after the last valid bid :)

    Item pick up location: SMP5 11229 kyukyu99's residence

    thank you!

  2. 100r
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  3. 300r
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  4. 1k
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  5. 2k
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  6. 2.1k

    I like them stones
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  7. BUMP!

    current leading bid: 2100r
    current auction ending time: 11:11 AM 1/28 EMC time
  8. I offer a full threethousand rupeez!

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  9. good night bump!

    the leading bid: littlegamer04's 3000r
    current ending time: 8:52 AM 1/3o EMC time

    10 hours left!
  10. Dont touch my precious dammit :p

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  11. 4k
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  12. Late night (for me ) BUMP!

    current leading bid: 4000r
    current auction ending time: 8:13 AM 1/31 EMC time

    6 more hours left!
  13. sorry for the late announcement ><
    Chizmaro has won the auction of DC of stones with winning bid of 4k!
    thank you so much and please make a payment on your pick up at 11229 @smp4