[Auction] DC of Smooth Stone

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  1. Item-Double Chest of Smooth Stone
    Starting Bid-100r
    Minimum Bid Increment-100r
    Auction Ends-24 hours after last valid bid
    Auction Pickup- /v 18910@auctionpickup

    Happy Bidding!;)
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  2. (Sorry I thought I was in another auction I was supposed to bid in another thread. Sorry)
  3. Unfortunately for you it is against the rules to retract a bid. The title is clear and you are the first bidder so the information about what you are bidding on is clear.
  4. I was supposed to bid for another Item. I wasn't presting attention so I made a Bid here. In the wrong auction.
  5. Bump, mercenaries2009 is in the lead with 5000r
  6. 5.1k
    i dot ya ;)
  7. Bump! Cube45 in the lead!
  8. A little under an hour left to bid, will cube45 win?
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  9. Cube45 has won the auction with 5,100r. Pickup at /v 18910 auctionpickup
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