[Auction] DC of Silk Touch I Books

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  1. Item: 54 Silk Touch I books, 1 Double Chest.
    Starting Price: 15,000 Rupees. 15k
    Minimum Bid Increments: 250 Rupees.
    Ending? 36 hours after last Valid Bid with no other bids after it.
    Pick up is at 15177, on Smp7.

    Happy Bidding
  2. If you get any other books, hit me up
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  3. What kind? If you are talking about Silk Touch I can get a lot more pretty soon. Just start a Personal Message with me :)
  4. Bump! Going super cheap! Less then 333r a book!
  5. Bump :) Around 11 hours till we have a winner.
  6. oh. my. god. -_-

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  7. Bump! Around 7 hours until we have a winner.
  8. Bump! Someboyd please outbid lol, 37 mins till end
  9. You need to check your clock...AM, PM, whatever.

    17,500 ;)
  10. I. Freaking. Give. Up.
  11. Bump, sorry lol. I havn't done an auction in a while, gutta get back into that clock system lol
  12. 12 hours till DrewRadio wins with 19k :eek: Thats a rip off! Common guys, around 2/5 of its potential value! Get it cheap!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.