[Auction] DC of Secretly Renamed Roses!

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  1. Auction Item: 3456 Renamed roses " Winner shall be 1st to know their name!"

    Starting Bid: 1000r

    Minimum Bid: 200r

    Auction Finish: 48 hours after last valid bid!
  2. Oh yeah
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  3. Come on!!!
    Deathtomb plz remove my posts... i got ninjad twice....

  4. 10k
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  5. 13k
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  6. 11 :D
  7. Invalid, your above post still stands.
  8. This is the highest Bidder

    Bump & fun facts time !

    810 Levels were used to make the lovely auction and they all have the same fun and amazing name !
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  9. wat is this?
  10. an Auction
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  11. Bump who shall be the 1st on to win this

    Another fun fact: this is my 2nd Auction as Mod. Enjoy
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  12. Ugh! I got no Alerts that time - 16k
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  13. Bumpage. how much are you willing to pay to be the 1st and possible only ousider to know their name !?!
Thread Status:
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