[Auction] DC of Saddles, Followed by nametags and horse armor! (Paradise Project on SMP4)

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  1. So I recently went shopping in my local dungeon, and believe it or not; They were having a sale! I just couldn't pass up all the goodies!

    Starting Price: 3000r!
    Minimum increase: 200r!

    All items will be Delivered to any server of your choosing!

    ALL money received for this auction will go to the SMP4 Paradise Project!
    (Apparently, its on SMP4)

    Whats being auctioned:

    One FULL Double Chest of Saddles!(Yep! That 54!)
    29 IRON horse armor!
    Five GOLDEN horse armor!
    Two DIAMOND horse armor!
    An entire STACK(Yep, thats 64!) of NameTags!

    Auction will end exactly 36 hours after the last valid bid!
  2. 12
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  3. Bump. Bump because I can, and care.
  4. Come on, no one will bid more? Its for PARADISE o.0 haha
  5. I've seen any of these selections(Horse armor, saddle, or nametags) go for the current amount! Its going for a good cause!
  6. Bedtime Bump! =D
  7. 16,2
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  8. Since its for a good cause 16800r
  9. 17k
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  10. 17,5
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  11. Fail ninja'd 18.5k
  12. 19k
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