[ AUCTION ] DC Of Random Enchanted Books! Starting BidIs 1r!

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  1. Items:
    6x Power I Books
    2x Smite I Books
    5x Protection I Books
    3x Knockback I Books
    5x Efficiency I Books
    3x Sharpness I Books
    3x Feather Falling I Books
    2x Projectile Protection I Books
    1x Projectile Protection II Books
    1x Depth Strider I Books
    2x Bane Of Arthropods I Books
    2x Sharpness I Books
    1x Unbreaking I Books
    2x Unbreaking III Books
    3x Aqua Affinity I Books
    1x Looting I Books
    1x Infinity
    1x Efficiency II Books
    1x Silk Touch Books
    1x Fire Protection III Books
    1x Fire Aspect I Books
    1x Protection I, Efficiency I Books
    1x Aqua Affinity I, Sharpness II, Efficiency I, Power I Book
    1x Aqua Affinity I, Efficiency I Book
    1x Sharpness II, Power III Book
    1x Knockback II, Power IV Book
    1x Protection II, Bane Of Arthropods I Book
    1x Bane Of Arthropods IV, Power III Book
    1x Diamond Shovel: Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours After Last Valid Bid
    Auction Pick-Up: 17442 On SMP8

    If You Are The Winner, Please Not You Must Pay Within 48 After Winning, Otherwise You Will Not Receive The Items Won, Thank You!

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  2. I feel like we're naming off the past years, lel. 2,500
  3. 3k
    Can I be? We are the only bidders?
  4. Yes, we are :( We should let the other win it and then split it up maybe? Since we both seem to want it a lot.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.