[ AUCTION ] DC of Potions, not all the same potions -Read Desc-

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  1. Ends 12pm tonight (UK Time)
    Auction starts on 1000
    Bids go up by 100.
    Winner collects at SMP8, on my res, if im not on them
    Pm me on empire and ill get to you.

    8 potions of Instant Health II
    12 Potions of Fire resistance (8:00)
    6 Splash Potion of Slowness (3:00)
    1 splash potion of poison (1:30)
    1 potion of regeneration (0:45)
    3 potions of night vision (8:00)
    1 potion of strength (8:00)
    3 potions of weakness (1:30)
    18 potions of speed/swiftness (8:00)
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  3. Also, auctions of potions must follow the auction rules and be a Double Chest of the same potion, not mixed. :)

    Closed due to invalid auction type and second auction while one already running.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.