[auction] DC of player heads

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what should i auction next

dc of sugarcane 0 vote(s) 0.0%
dc of nether wart 1 vote(s) 16.7%
other 5 vote(s) 83.3%
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  1. DC of player heads
    starting bid- 4000r
    bid increment- 500r
    heads: cyare, dogheart700, dragonslayer2232, exdeamanate, tonybob9, luckylollie222, 101004kate, jay_the_wither, megatockiin, annabeth_1_chase, miner40, inna310, gianluca99star, megacollcece, coolgirl10156, skeletin007, coolguy2906, cdjs1987, dismissedgumball, youtube_master, SUMSUM07, gasattackk, cupcakedagger, LOCHLAN9, diediedie12, j3llyf1shm4n, fattycantrun69, poofasaurus, garchomper, theomglover3rd, nerd_omp_jr, securecheese, deemideem, gwossy, mustanglover25, mega_dragon1234 we3mosses, aussiezaid, skh10, candypopniki, fattycantrun69, cowland123, rei__miyamoto, AsternFlyer624(my head), pandapanda02, starlord2602, ocelotawsome, zabuza9, thakiddjumper, mr_zulus, xxe3choxx, dragonmasternk, guntro, ultragemminer.

    in 24 hours after last bid last bidder wins

    pickup at my res in a chest next to my head wall
  2. bump where are all the head buyers
  3. let's just start with 75k and speed this up.
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  4. only 2 bids where are all the bidder
  5. my 75k scared them off
  6. congratz masterkism pay me 75k and i will set up a sign on the chest at my plot on smp7 next to the head wall
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