[AUCTION] DC of paper

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  1. DC of paper
    Once again i'm selling DC of something well now its paper :D not sure if i need it so im selling it hope u buy it and win!
    Item: DC of paper
    Starting price: 20r
    Minimum increase: 5r
    Auction time: 24 hours after first bid
    Collection at my res on smp4 type /v 8070 and you will receive your paper in a DC
    Happy bidding!!!
  2. 20 smelly rupees
  3. troop u are le winner :D yay!!! come collect ur prize of le paper
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  4. go to smp4 and type /v 8070
  5. Technically this auction isn't over...that wasn't 24 hours?
  6. ummm not meaning to be rude but it has passed 24 hours and i have checked emc time
  7. Okay, it's over anyways, just checking :)
  8. Not sure if this was intentional or not but yeah, it's over:
    Auction time: 24 hours after first bid
  9. Ah first bid, sorry, I'm used to last valid bid.
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  10. I found a chest with a sign saying "DC of Paper" above it, but I am unable to open it
    If that is the intended chest, you'll need to change the sign so it says


    with the third and fourth lines left blank
  11. oh yes my greatest appoliogiese i will fix that go back to the res and it will efiniately be fixed
  12. Thank you. I just picked up the items
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