[ AUCTION ] DC of Oak Logs

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Matthew94544, Apr 22, 2015.

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  1. Starting bid 1000r
    Minimum bid 1r
    Item Oak Log
    Ends 12 hours after last valid bid
  2. 5k
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  3. 6000
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  4. 7k
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  5. 8k
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  6. 8k in the lead
  7. This is an illegal bump. Bumps must be 3 hours from the latest post by any account. Thanks. :)
  8. ... i was going to say that 3 hours after XD
  9. Also plz don't announce it unless they keep doing it or else it just gets annoying.
  10. If you have a problem with a post, feel free to use the "report" button. If you have anything else you'd like to say, please do it in a post report or pm me here. I wouldn't like to spam this thread. :)
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  11. its not that bad that i have to report it i am just saying i don't like that you point out everything thats bad instead of commenting something once and a while
  12. well horse crazy won at 8k come to /v 11071 to pick it up i will put an access sign when you pay =)
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