[AUCTION] DC of Oak Logs

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  1. Item: Oak Wood (Logs)

    Description: Oak wood is one of the six types of wood in Minecraft. This tan-colored wood can be found in most biomes in Minecraft, most often in forests. Many wooden blocks including fences, chests, doors, trapdoors, pressure plates, and signs are all based on the tan color of oak wood.

    Quantity: DC (Double-Chest)

    Starting Bid: 2,400 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increase: 300 Rupees

    Auction Ends: 24 Hours of latest bid.
    Pickup Location: Residence 10087 (SMP5)
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  2. Sometimes I out do myself... 3000r

    Maybe I'll frighten away everyone and score this cheap wood.
  3. 5300r muhahahahah
  4. The auction has ended. Rob, come to 10087 on SMP5 to get your wood and pay me 7,000 rupees.
  5. Paid and picked up. Thanks
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