[AUCTION] DC of Night Vision potions (8:00)

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  1. Item: A doublechest of Night Vision Potions (8:00)
    -lets you see in the night for 8 minutes.

    Starting Bid: 2000r

    Max Bid increase: 300r

    Auction will end 24 hours after last bid has been placed.
  2. Just a reminder - These cant be used by players in town or wild
  3. ? y
  4. Yes they can actually, it is the invisibility potions that are not possible to be used. Night vision potions are fine to use, I have used them before and they seem to be working fine.
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  5. am i going to win? :D
  6. You might, depends if anyone else votes before 5:31pm
  7. thestar19 is winning with 2.5k
  8. sorry bout that, typo? 2.3k
  9. Or you could just turn your brightness up...
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  10. but SOME peoples computers lag like crazy when you do that...
  11. daxter in the lead with 3k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.