[Auction] DC of melon blocks!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by CreepyExplotion, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Item: Double chest of melon blocks

    Starting bid: 800 rupees

    Minimum bid increase: 50 rupees

    Ending time: 36 hours after last bid (1,5 days)

    Pickup: 19355(My plot) on smp9

    Happy bidding and enjoy the melons!
  2. SuperVal_Junior is in the lead for only 1100 rupees!
    That's only 3.1 rupees per melon block!
  3. Please bump only 3 hours after the last post
  4. I thought after last bump, sorry!
  5. Please keep bumps to three hours.
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  6. You have already been told once, please only bump after 3 hours after the last post in the whole auction :) -Fendinator
  7. Was two posts necessary :p
  8. Look at the timings - You ninja'd me by seconds. This second post by you however is just bumping it again.
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  9. Bump?
    I think this one is valid...
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  10. Bump less then 12 hours to go!
  11. THE_LEGEND4 has won the auction I Will setup the access sign on /v 19355 as soon as the payment is ready
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  12. Thanks, I won't be able to pay until later though. Sorry!
  13. Paid.
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