[AUCTION] DC of Level 30 Enchanted Books

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  1. Starting Price: 7000r
    Raise Per Bid: 500r
    When the Auction ends: 24 hours after last bid posted :)
    Where to pick up: 10057 Smp5
    Who to give the r to: Kegan66

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Enchants of le books~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Armor Books: 1) Projectile Protection IV x4 / Protection IV x1 / Fire Protection III x4 / Blast Protection IV x1 / Feather Falling IV x3 / Respiration III x1 / Aqua Affinity I x2

    Bow Books: Power 3-5 x6 / Punch I-II O / Flame I x2 / Infinity I O

    Sword Books: B.O.A IV x5 / Smite IV x4 / Sharpness IV x4 / KnockBack x3 / Fire Aspect II x1 / Looting III x1

    Pick Books: Efficiency III-IV x4 / Silk Touch I O / Fortune II-III x1 / Unbreaking III O

    Fun Screen Shot :) View attachment 16905

  2. :D anyways I already told Kegan that I will pickup and pay Tuesday ( on vacation :D )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.