[auction] DC of lava!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by 99marvel, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Item: dc of lava buckets
    starting bid: 500r
    minimum bid increase: 100r
    auction will end 48 hours after last bid

    good luck!
  2. Don't let Faith win!
    1000r <3
  3. Stahp pls. </3
  4. 3.2k
    This, is mine.... I hope.
  5. ok, here is the pickup information

    first, DO NOT PAY ME via /r pay.
    1. log onto smp9 and do /v 18155
    2. walk all the way forward from your point of entry on my plot.
    3. turn right and enter the light house.
    4. there is a ladder in the lighthouse that has doors at the bottom of it.
    5. enter the door with the [ACCESS] sign that has your name on it. (i will try to have it set up by at least tomorrow)
    6. there will be a shop that sells HALF of your purchase for half your bid so that you can fit it in your inventory.

    Note: if you do not pickup your purchase within 7 days it will be resold.

    Thank you for your business and i hope to do more with you!
  6. Sorry, just realised lava buckets don't stack up... is it possible to resell it?
  7. uh.... well.... they say in the rules that if ether one of us fails to go though with an action we will be baned from the auctions. i don't want you to get baned, and its really not for the money (though its nice!:)). so... im not sure what to do here.
  8. Ok, I'll buy it then... I'm a bit busy at the moment though :p
  9. According to the auction rules:
  10. Thanks :)
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  11. sorry about that. i should have said how many it was.
  12. are you still going to pick them up?
  13. Yeah, my vaults full at the moment so I might take a while...
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