[Auction] DC of Lava Buckets

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by airlynx99, Sep 14, 2013.

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  1. Perhaps you're building a slew of cobble gens or the longest obsidian generator ever. Or you just need to decorate your res. Maybe you just want it for the buckets! Whatever you do, don't try to build a lava wall or go griefing the wilds.

    One DC of Lava Buckets
    Starting Bid: 500r
    Bid increase: minimum of 50r
    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid!

  2. Excellent! (Bump btw)
  3. Ooops i meant 550r sorry. I mean 550r
  4. Please forgive me. the current bid is 550r
  5. I accept your bid of 550r, I was quite shocked at first when the auction jumped from 500r to 5.5k! lol, honest mistake

  6. The auctioneer accepted the bid. auction thread cleaned up
  7. Thank you Deathtomb, I also forgot on the inital post that pickup is on SMP7 on res# 14349
  8. Last chance bump
  9. Well, the auction has been closed but the winning bidder has been perma-banned since his bid. Samsimx, the DC is yours for 1k if you want it. Let me know
  10. Okay, it has been 4 days and I have gotten no response from samsimx so the lava buckets are up for grabs now. I put a shop sign on the chest on my smp7 res, #14349 selling the lava buckets for 15r per bucket (thats 810r for the entire DC if you get here first).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.