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  1. Item: A double chest of iron

    Starting bid: 3000 rupees

    Bid Minimum Increase: 500 rupees

    Auction end: 48 hours after last bid

    Pick up: SMP9, 18010

    Good Luck!

    Also, sorry for no screenshot, something is wrong with mine
  2. Oops...I thought it said blocks...I'd like to take back my bid
  3. Normally you wouldn't be able to as it is your responsibility to read the terms of the auction. I would try and contact the auction host.
  4. Talk about a rich mistake.. Thought it doesn't say anywhere whether it's blocks or ingots so that may be able to be retracted. I'd also like to know either it's blocks or ingots..
  5. I guess since i didnt say, death you can take the bid back and also its iron ingots
  6. Im i the lead then.
  7. MVP wins ill set access chest after pay and when I get back from my friend
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.