[AUCTION]DC Of Iron Ingots

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  1. Auction: 3456 Iron ingots

    Starting bid: 1000r

    Minimum bid Increase: 500r

    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last Valid Bid!

    Payment: Sent to Creeper655, please allow 24 hours for chest to be set up on 9025 SMP4
  2. 3000
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  3. Heres the pic :) 2013-02-19_14.10.27.png
  4. Enjoyable Bump
  5. Bump, Could be the last, 15K Still cheap for all this iron :)
  6. 16k Creeping this auction up one k at a time...
  7. 19k
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  8. 22k Thanks for the bold jump Qwertyip....
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  9. Bump coz it's been AGES
  10. :DBefore Bed Enjoyable Bump
  11. Bumpity Bump
  12. I know I like money but I really want this to end soon!
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  13. Quick update, whoever wins will be offered another DC for the same price as they bought the first one:)
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  14. Rhalador WINS!!! (Finally)
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