[Auction] DC of Ink Sacs

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  1. Item: 3546 Ink Sacs

    Starting Bid: 25,000 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment: 1,500r Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours after the last VALID bid

    Pickup: 18012, SMP9
  2. 7r per ink sac, consider lowering the starting bid :)
  3. Hmm why not 26.5k
  4. Well, I've won but I have the feeling this was a fake auction so I won't be paying until you contact me, thanks.
  5. It's been a week since you've won. I'd ask a mod to look into this for you.
  6. Thank you, but it's unlikely you will contact him, he's be offline for almost a week.
  7. this auction is not fake, but he had apparently forgotten if you are still willing to pay him and send me a pm with a screenshot. I will set up a chest on my res for pickup.
  8. I don't think I legally have to pay him anymore? Can a Staff Member confirm this please, but if I do then no problem I'll pay :)
  9. While this wasn't a fake auction, I completely forgot about it, if you still wish to pay I'll gladly set an access chest now, if not then I could simply re-post the auction.
  10. Moderated: This auction must be completed, or someone will be blacklisted from the Marketplace. Please complete the auction and let me know if either party does not. Thanks.

    In the future, keep in mind that an auction must be paid for within 48 hours of being won. Failure can result in blacklisting from the marketplace. So I strongly advise against 'forgetting' about it.
  11. Please remember that he was not online for 7 days and was a fairly new member, therefore I was a little bit reluctant to send the payment, but I will now.
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