[Auction] DC of Ice!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by LovelyBrookie, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Item: Double Chest of Ice
    Starting Bid: 1,000 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100 Rupees
    Ending Time: 48 hours after LAST VALID BID

    ***PICKUP FOR AUCTION WINNER: Pay BEFORE you get the items, it will be on smp2 I will message you on the forums with more details if you win.***
  2. two thousand of whatever currency you'd like as long as it's rupees.
  3. 3k of my most average rupees
  4. Four thousand of my most slightly above average rupees!
  5. Sach ;-;
  6. Wither 5.5k
  7. i aint payin 11k!!!!!!!!
  8. RICTDM says he won't pay 11k so the current bid is 10k! Anyone wanna bid against him?
  9. Bump! Current bid is 10k!
  10. Buuummmpppppp
  11. Current bid 11k!! Does anyone want it more?
  12. Alright, LovelyLlamaz wins the ice!