[AUCTION] DC of Horse Eggs

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  1. Item: DC of Horse Eggs
    Starting Bid: 1k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last bid
    Pickup: 9362 on smp4

    NOTE: Most of the eggs were donated/sold to me, leading to most being named, and some are starter horses, thus the decreased starting bid (if sold at around 200r each, would value around 10k.)

    Horse Info (Type, Color, Speed, Jump, HP)

    I hope you can bid, these horses need a player that actually likes horses! :D
    You can preview these eggs at 9362 on smp4.
  2. Holy crap! I wonder how long it took you to type all those horse stats! :p 1.8k
  3. Hah, you have no idea ;) 1.8k!
  4. 11 hours and 51 minutes left unless MrsWishes is beaten! Sorry for not posting at 12 hours, was at graduation. Whoopee me! :D

    Current Bid: 6k
    Bidder: MrsWishes
  5. Time reset, 45 hours, 8 minutes left with a bid of 11k! :)
  6. Bump!
    Only 32 hours left until bidding is over!

    Pickup and preview is at res 9367 on smp4, no longer 9362!
    Change due to huge redo in res
  8. Interesting, good thing you alerted them that the chest was moved! I'm guessing your trying to clear inventory by auctioning these horse eggs off!
  9. Thanks, and yeah, they were taking up so much room and I already have a horse in my stable
  10. Sorry, was at a party. Auction is OVER! MrsWishes wins with a bid of 11k.
    You will receive access after payment is received
    Pickup at 9367 on smp4!
    Thanks to all that bidded and to the winning bidder :)
  11. Thanks! Payment sent. :D
  12. Congrats MrsWishes! I will be holding a DC of horse eggs auction later on if your interested :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.