[Auction] DC of Hay Bales (aka 9 dc of compacted wheat)

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  1. What: Hay bales, an entire dc of em

    Starting Bid: 20k (half goes to my friend CrittCo (4236) who supplied me with a facility for wheat growing, and helped harvest some himself)

    Minimum Bid Raise: 500r

    Ends: 48 hours after the last valid bid

    Pickup/Delivery: Should you win, I can deliver it, in bale form for free to your res, on any server. If you wish to have it as 9dcs of wheat, I will set up the chests at my res 4235 on smp2.

    Happy Bidding

  2. Invalid it must start at 20k or higher
  3. CrittCo Farming Industries approves this message.
  4. Ah. Saw the bid raise and thought it was the starting price.
  5. Hope no one gets butthurt over 15 minutes, but I have to get to sleep. bump
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  6. 20k
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  7. Please bump only every three hours :)
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  8. sorry thought it was two
  9. Danget jc... I just saw dis....
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  10. Sorry Dark, but I don't think this is going for over 20k
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