[Auction] DC of Hardened Clay

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by crossbones, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. Item: 3456 pieces of Hardened Clay
    Starting Bid: 1000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours After Last Valid Bid

    Good Luck
  2. bump! nearly 12 hours and this is still going for 0.28r a piece. That's cheaper than cobblestone.
  3. This is just the basic clay. Meaning it can be dyed?

  4. The item is called "Hardened Clay" and comes from the Mesa Biome. Not "color stained" clay.
  5. Yes. So this is the type of clay that CAN be dyed though?
  6. 6k I want this!!!!!!!!
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  7. 6.5 I need it! lol
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  8. 7 k why? XD
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  9. I'll give you 8k reasons.
  10. But I have 9k in reasons ;)
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  11. I'll pre-10k-d I didn't hear that.
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  12. 10.5k this is over priced now lol it should only be 6. Something if a stack is 120 r
  13. Funny you should say that, because I thought the price might more reflect your reverse auction that just finished. I would have bid but unfortunately I was too late (who bids at 3:00am? :p)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.