Auction: DC of Golden Carrots

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  1. Of special interest to shop owners and horse breeders

    Item: One double chest of Golden Carrots

    Starting bid: 15,000 r

    Bid increments: minimum 1,000 r

    Auction end: 48 hours after last vaild bid

    Pick up: my main residence on smp 4

    • Golden carrots may be the most beneficial (magical effects excluding) food item so far: their effective food+saturation value is 20.4 - just a bit less than that of meat (20.8), and they are 1.5 times as nourishing, meaning you'll spend a greater fraction of time in saturated state with health regeneration on. Nonetheless, they require nearly a full gold ingot's worth of gold nuggets in order to be created, and with gold being quite a rare material, it may be better to save this item for potions of invisibility and night vision, and breeding horses.
    • ref Minecraft Wiki - October 2013
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  2. I wanted to include an image, but the file was corrupted. The golden carrots are stackable so the dc contains 3,456 golden carrrots
  3. i need this 15k
  4. I'm winning :)

    I just remembered it takes 1 dc of gold ingets and dc of carrots to get this :)
    My horse's will love it :3
  5. 19k who said u were gonna win :p
  6. i won right?
  7. Yes Smongoman you have won. As soon as I receive payment I'll set up an access chest at my main res on smp4.
    I will be in front of you when you spawn on my res.
  8. Also let me know when payment is applied, on this thread and it will alert me.
  9. Payment has been received. This auction is now closed.
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