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  1. DC of Gold "Ingots"
    Starting Price: 30k
    Minimum bid increments: 500r
    Ends: 48 hours after the last bid
    Pick up: 9500 Mega Mall

    Happy Bidding :)

    Moderated: Updated to clarify auction.
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  3. Gold?? Ingots/Blocks/nuggets?
  4. Assume ingots. 30,000r.
  5. I just bid, just saying.
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  6. Rules for Bidders
    Last Updated: 31st January 2014
    • Do not bid on items you don't have funds for at the time of bidding.
    • Do not spend rupees when you have an active bid which would take your rupee balance below the price of the bid.
    • Do not make joke bids.
    • You may only bid in rupees.
    • You are expected to pay within 48 hours of winning an auction, unless you and the auction host agree to different terms, or if the auction's OP states that there is a different time you have to pay within.
    • If you post a bid, you are bound it. You may not withdraw bids.
    • Only post on an auction thread if:
      • You are bidding
      • You are asking a question about the specific auction, or item
      • You won the auction, and are discussion collection/payment with the Auction Host
      • You are posting content that the staff deem relevant to the auction at hand
    • Asking to split an auction is not a valid post. Please discuss matters like that in a PM.
    • The first bid on an auction must be equal to, or higher than the starting bid.
    • All subsequent bids must be at least the last valid bid, plus the minimum bid increment. For example, if the current valid bid is 100 rupees, and the minimum bid increment is 10 rupees, the lowest you could bid is 110r.
    • You must not bid on auctions created by alt accounts, or on auctions created on an IP that you use.
    • As rupees are only available in whole numbers, bids must be in whole rupees too.
    • When bidding, you may either bid using the format "1500r", or "1.5k", as they mean the same thing.
  7. Are these Ingots or Blocks?
  8. Thank you sir, I am aware of the rules. You don't need to police the auction quoting rules at people; simply using the report feature works fine and does not clutter the thread further. I believe that discussing the starting bid is acceptable, but could be wrong.
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  9. sorry these are ingots and please do not complain on the starting price. So that is a bid Bemvino?
  10. Yes, I bid 30k.
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  11. You have won the auction I will set up the access chest as soon as you pay :)
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